Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blast From the Past

This weekend, we went to eat at my parents house for my husband's birthday.  My mother went on a a crazy spree and was trying to give all these random things to me and my sister.  It started out innocently enough with Waterford Crystal from our great uncle and quickly moved to her trying to get us to take home our childhood treasures.  I'm sorry, but aren't our parents supposed to store these things for us, for forever?  Or is that just me?  She was successful and did get me to take home a few things including this little gem:

Yeah, that my Seniors '02 sweatshirt from high school.  DON'T be jealous because I know you are.  See I went to an all girls Catholic high school (which is not at all as terrible as it sounds).  We wore the obligatory uniform that all Catholic students must wear (NOT like Britney Spears) which included a uniform sweatshirt.  Up until your senior year, your only choices were a fugly navy sweater with the school name embroidered on the left breast or an even fuglier navy sweatshirt with the school name and some crest smack dab in the center.  In your senior year though you got a real treat and you could not only wear a different sweatshirt, BUT your class got to design it.  This was the design that won.  I'm pretty sure it won because of the sweet  sleeve design.  Who doesn't love a good sleeve design? 

When I saw this sitting in the closet, I was both excited and sad.  Excited to see something I haven't seen in years, and sad at just how many years it had been.  Seriously, is my 10 year high school reunion in just a few short years?  This can't be.  Surely this is a sick joke something is playing on me.  

Along with the sweatshirt, my mom sent me home with a box of pictures from high school/early college.  I do wish I owned a scanner so that I could share with you the awesomeness that was me.  Or maybe I'm glad because that surely doesn't need to be shared with the rest of the world!

Any other '02 grads out there?

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