Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Should Be...

Let's play a little game called, "What I should be doing".  Fun, yes?

I should be doing the laundry... but instead I'm playing on the internet.
I should be deciding what we're having for dinner... but instead I'm snacking on some chips.
I should be brainstorming about Christmas gifts for people... but instead I'm thinking of what to buy myself.
I should be cleaning the kitchen, but instead I'm making silly lists. 
I should be reading the last book my sister gave me... but instead I'm thinking of how I get another Elin Hilderbrand book.
I should be walking my dog... but instead I'm just looking at her "junk in the trunk".
I should be cleaning my bedroom... but instead I'm thinking about how that would lead to laundry (see number 1on this list).
I should be feeling bad about some certain things... but instead I really just can't it in me.
I should be planning my PREP lesson for next week... but instead I'm thinking of how many days I have between now and then.

And now the word "should" looks really funny.

What should you be doing, and what are you doing instead?

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