Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Stalking

Is it bad that when I hear the word "stalking" the only thing I can think of is Pauly from Jersey Shore talking about his stalker and how she, "stalked his whole entire life"?  Methinks this is a sign that I watch too much Jersey Shore...  At least that's the only MTV show that I watch.  That makes me feel a little better about my TV preferences but not really by much. 

But I digress...

The real point of this post is blog stalking.  I do it.  I admit, my name is MrsBill and I'm a blog stalker.  I try to comment on posts that I read, but sometimes I'm too busy or the post already has a million comments that I feel mine will get lost in the mumbo jumbo (sidenote: I do find it very nice when I comment on someone's post that has tons of comments and they respond to mine through email... I really would like to start doing that!).  Sometimes I just don't know what to write.  I love finding blogs that I enjoy reading and I like to go through them and read a lot of their posts.  It's hard to get the gist of someone's blogging style from just one post.  The point it, I blog stalk and I know that others do too. 

When I got started blogging I wanted to remain annonymous, well as annonymous as I could whilst posting pictures and the such.  I don't use my real name because I don't want someone to be able to Google me and find the blog.  I think this is perfectly acceptable.  I just didn't know about friends or family reading the blog.  Obviously, I'm not stupid and I realized that it quite the possibility that people I know "in real life" would find the blog.  Over the weekend my husband's aunt (hi, Gina!!) told me that she reads the old blog.  At first, I was embarrassed.  Does anyone else feel this way about blogging?  I felt like suddenly all my secrets were exposed!  But really?  I'm writing these "secrets" for the world to see.  Clearly these aren't secrets! 

So I had to wonder, why am I blogging if I'm so embarrassed about it?  The whole reason for starting this blog in particular was to write about my struggles with infertility.  I needed an outlet because a lot of time I have found that it's hard to share my feelings about the journey.  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, so sometimes it's hard to discuss it with people I'm close to.  I wanted to mind support (not that I don't get any from my family and friends) and find people that were like me - and not just in the sense of infertility.  Ultimately though I wanted to share my story and I felt like blogging was a good way to do it.  It is my own little corner of the world where I don't have to apologize all the time for being jealous or sad or being happy about certain things.  I can just be me. 

And so, I guess my whole point is that I have accepted that people I know may read the blog.  People I don't know read the blog, and I'm okay with both.  Not that I'm going to run out and tell everyone I have a blog, but you get the picture.

So what I'm asking is if you read this blog regularly or just happen upon it, say hi!  I would love to know who's out there and I would love to connect with you. 

And as always I am happy to share this little part of my life with you!

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  1. I think blogging is a great outlet for EVERYTHING! Literally..there are hundreds of different blogs about everything and anything. I started blogging recently and have come across tons of blogs that I check every day and get upset if they haven't posted that day! (hahah that sounds bad..but hey, it must be good if I check it everyday!)

    Check out this blog. Amazing amazing amazing blog of this woman and her family and how her life changed when she had a daughter with downs syndrome. Amazing words and amaaazing photos! let me know if you like it! :)

    I'm not sure if anyone in my family reads/know I have a blog. I know my boyfriend knows I have a blog. he's a computer tech nerd and i was having trouble one day and he had to help me with some computer stuff haha so i dont know if he actually keeps up with it!

    Don't feel embarrassed! Its your blog to do whatever you want with :) And if in 6 months you have an epiphany and want to change your blog into something else, like, about puppies and candy, there are people out there who will read it!

    xoxox looking forward to reading more about you!


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