Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hanging My Head in Shame

Tonight, I'm channeling Chandler Bing...  could I BE any worse as a blogger?


Don't answer that.

If there were a contest for the worst bloggers, I'm pretty sure I would be in the top five.  Okay, but not top five.  But surely top ten. 

If the name FailBlog weren't already taken, I'd name my site that.

Why do I have such low blogger-esteem?  Well for starters, I'm a sporadic writer.  I love writing and when I'm not blogging I continually look at situations and think, "that would be great to blog about!!"  Unfortunately (actually probably fortunately as some things I think that are funny and interesting aren't nearly as funny or interesting to others as they are to me) I rarely write about those things.  I get distracted and then it's hard to "make a comeback" if you will. 

Second, people comment on my entries which I love, but then I can't respond to them.  I click on their names to email them and then it want Outlook to send the email and I don't have Outlook and then I try to email from Yahoo and it's just a big old mess.  Then I feel guilty.  I promise though, if you have left a comment, I have seen it and I'm not ignoring you.  Promise!  I usually try to visit your blog and comment on something you've written, but I never feel as though this suffices.  I'm trying to figure out a solution which is probably super simple, and I'm over-thinking it.

Third, I remembered this week that I had an email address set up for this site and that when I leave comments on people's blogs they respond to me there.  So if you have emailed me and  I haven't responded, that's why.

Lord, do you think I could have any more excuses?

Then there is the matter of my computer being what I like to call a hooker and she contracted an STD and was out of commission for most of this week.  Seriously.  She needs to learn to protect herself out there on the interwebs.  What is most annoying is she wasn't even doing anything terribly wrong.  She was helping me find scarf tying techniques.  Dirty.

So I'm making an effort.  I will do my best to be a better blogger.  Promise.

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  1. I took a 10 month hiatus from blogging so don't feel bad about it! I'm sure you'll pick up where you left off. :)


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