Monday, October 11, 2010

Hopping Right On

In my effort to become a more diligent blogger, I have decided to take on a 30 Day Challenge via: Katie's Journey.  If you want to join it, head over there and let her know!  I think this is going to be fun and I am very excited about it.

The first challenge is to post a picture of yourself and give 15 interesting facts about moi.  Well I can give you 15 facts, but I can't claim that they'll all be interesting per se. 


Now on to those facts:

  1. I got married three years ago on 07.07.07.  Everyone said I was crazy for getting married on "the most popular wedding day ever" but I really didn't have an issue with it.
  2. Yes, I have been married for three years and no, I don't have any children.  I am what you would call reproductively challenged.  We are working on it albeit at a snail's pace.
  3. I went to school for elementary education, but I don't teach.  And I learn a little bit more everyday that it was the best decision for me.
  4. And in the next breath I'm going to tell you that I do actually teach CCD one night a week.  These are Catholic education classes for public school children.
  5. I worry.  A lot.  About random things that no one should ever worry about.  Once something has resolved itself I move on to something else to worry about.  It can be quite stressful. 
  6. I have an intense fear of vomit.  Enough said.
  7. I love pop culture.  LOVE it.  I think this is why I quote movie/TV shows every chance I get. 
  8. I am a trivia FREAK.  I know the most random things and I couldn't tell you where I pick it up. 
    Sometimes I think the random information takes up too much information in my brain.  
  9. By nature I am shy, until I get comfortable and know you.  Then I don't shut up.  I'm just really bad at the whole small talk thing.  Being in a sorority really helped to bring me out of that shell though.  Who knows how socially awkward I might be otherwise. :-)
  10. I spend WAY too much money on purses.  I should really learn to save my money and not buy a million cheap ones and buy one really nice one. 
  11. I take a lot of things personally.  Like things that shouldn't be taken personally at all.  I guess I'm just sensitive and have a lot of feelings and emotions.
  12. I really enjoy reading blogs - especially Kentucky bloggers, sorority bloggers and others struggling with infertility  (I cringe at how cliche I sound.)
  13. I love reading.  There is just something about getting lost in a good book.
  14. I met my now husband when I was a sophomore in high school.  We started dating right before our senior year and have been together ever since (let's just ignore that three week period we were broken up in college).
  15. I work hard everyday to be just a little bit better of a person than I was the day before.
So there you have it, day one of the challenge is complete!


  1. haha so glad to find your blog--I love the "reproductively challenged." Hubs and I are in your same boat...but it doesn't stop people (and family) from asking all the time...

  2. So glad that you are joining us for the challenge! I could have written so many of your facts myself too! Looking forward to getting to know you over the next 30 days!

  3. Lauren - I think I got that from an episode of Sex and the City. I like they way to sounds much better than infertile! I've found you have to laugh about it or else you'll cry about it all the time!

  4. Cute blog! We have some things in common for sure!

  5. I can't believe how much we have in common!! That said, I'm not a Kentucky blogger or a sorority blogger and I don't blog about our infertility issues!... I hope you won't hold that against me!! ;) Cute blog too!!

  6. Amanda - Don't worry I like all kinds of blogs so I definitely won't hold that against you!

  7. We have so many things about us that are alike! I actually got married in 04 and people ask about kids, all the time. A couple months back I kind of lost it on my father in law (like angry lost it and made an a$$ out of myself). I too went to school for EE but I don't teach and also know this is the right decision for me. I ended up getting an MBA later. I also worry like crazy, it's dumb. Love purses and shoes! :)


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