Monday, October 25, 2010

Catch Up

So I missed a few days in the 30 day Blog Challenge, but there is always time to catch up, right?

Let's get started:

Day 12 - What you Believe

I believe:
  • in God
  • some of God's greatest gifts really are unanswered prayers
  • everything happens for a reason.  You may not know it at the time, but there is a reason for it.
  • one day I will have a family.
  • in the goodness of my family and friends.
  • an episode of Sex and the City or Gilmore Girls has fix just about anything.
  • in the color pink.
  • sometimes being lazy can be fun.
  • in marriage.
  • in being the best version of myself.
  • in myself.
Day 13 - Goals
Honestly, I don't have a ton of goals.  There is really only one that is near and dear to my heart and that's number one and the list.
  • Start a family
  • Get a new job
  • Complete my 30 before 30 goals
  • Payoff any and all debt (besides the mortgage)
  • Be a better person
Day 14 - A picture you love
I know I have shown it a million times, but I love it all the same.

Day 15 - Bible Verse

Again this is easy for me.  The following is my favorite Bible Verse:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

This was my grandma's favorite Bible verse and it got her through some very difficult times especially when she was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.  She has been gone for three years now, but whenever I think that something is too difficult to handle I remember her and her strength and and this verse and I know that there is nothing too difficult to handle.

And I think that catches me up to date!
In other news, today is my 27th birthday!  I can't believe that I am 27.  I feel so old yet so young at the same time.  I guess this is growing up, huh?

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