Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thirty Before Thirty

In just a little over three years, I will be... 30 years old.  Boy is that hard to type.  Or even think about for that matter.  I remember when I was younger and thinking 30 was old (I know, I know, cliche).  Of course now that I'm knock, knock, knocking at 30 years old, I think that's not that old.  Except that I kinda do.  I thought that by the time I was 30, I would be married and have a child.  Actually 2.  Actually I wanted to be done, having children.  Oh boy, what was I thinking?  In truth, I have a husband, but no babies yet.  Nature is making that a bit more difficult than it should be.  So in looking at my goals and realizing I might not make it, I decided to re-write some goals.  Thus the 30 Before 30 Project.  It's pretty easy.  30 things I wish to accomplish before October 25, 2013.  In order to make myself accountable - I'm putting my list out there for all the world to see:

  1. Make a full dinner - all components, no help (yes, in my three years of being a wife, I have not made a total dinner by myself.  This is the Undomestic Goddess, remember??)
  2. Start and maintain a blog.  (Clearly I have started, but the goal is to keep it going)
  3. Travel to Washington D.C.
  4. Travel to New York City again.
  5. Teach a full year of PREP
  6. Go to a fertility specialist.
  7. Finish our basement.
  8. Get a new job.
  9. Got to Gatlinburg on a family trip.
  10. Buy a really expensive purse (by really expensive I mean over $200 - that's expensive to me)
  11. Organize the entire house
  12. Read a "classic" novel I didn't read in high school.
  13. Research adoption options.
  14. Get another dog.
  15. Keep and maintain a coupon system.
  16. Payoff both credit cards.
  17. Visit the Florida Panhandle again.
  18. Get my wisdom teeth pulled (yeah still haven't done that).
  19. Refinish our bedroom furniture.
  20. Make and meet a blog friend (won't you be my friend??)
  21. Have a specialty party at my house.
  22. Walk three nights a week for a month.
  23. Clean and dust every Saturday for a month.
  24. Make my bed everyday for a month.
  25. Pack lunch everyday for a month.
  26. Go to the doctor for a physical.
  27. Start and maintain a Flickr account.
  28. Start and maintain a journal full of thoughts, quotes, etc.
  29. Vote in the next presidential election.
  30.  Read two books a month for a year.
So that's the list!  There are some things on there that will hopefully help to domesticate me a bit more.  There are things that I hope will make me a better person. There are things that can be done in conjunction with one another.  There are things that will cost lots' o money.

But I'm willing to give it all a shot and I'm planning on documenting my progress here.

What are your 30 before 30?

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