Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turn on the Boob Tube

Day 11 - Favorite TV Shows

I have been waiting for this entry since I have started this whole challenged.  As I have mentioned I adore all thing Pop Culture, so of course I love TV shows.  I could make this entry a million pages long, but I promise I will try and it keep it as short as I possibly can.

I'm going to split this up by shows that are no longer on shows currently running.  Yes.  I have that many favorite TV shows.  Don't judge.

No Longer Playing... Sadly

Sarah Jessica Parker flaunts her pencil thin physique in a Christian Dior newspaper inspired dress and chats up director Michael Patrick King on the set of Sex and the City in NYC on September 4, 2009 where it sure looks like the precocious Carrie Bradshaw has a date! Fame Pictures, Inc 
Sex and the City...
I'm sorry, but does this even need explanation?  This is just one of those shows that I have connected to on so many levels and so many occasions.  The relationships with men, friends, self, fashion - it was just an amazing show.  Unfortunately, they had to sully the memory by making the horrific second movie, but in my mind it is still as perfect as always.

BURBANK, CA - JANUARY 31:  Actors Alexis Bledel (L) and Lauren Graham pose at The WB Networks 'The Gilmore Girls' 100th episode celebration on the set at Warner Bros. Studios on January 31, 2005 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Gilmore Girls. 
Again, I will love this show forever and for always.  I own every single season on DVD and watch them all.the.time.  I love the story.  I love the mother/daughter dynamic.  I love the writing.  Again it was just everything that makes a good show all rolled into one.  This is how shows are done right. 

The West Wing.
For realsies, this show rocks my socks.  Yes I just said that.  I didn't think that I could get into a show about politics, especially about democratic politics.  But I did.  Oh yes I did.  My husband and I spent the better part of our summer burning through the seasons and it was time well spent.  Aaron Sorkin is a genius as evidenced by this show and The Social Network.

via here
Veronica Mars
Be still my heart.  Ok, seriously.  Most of you have probably not seen or heard of this show, but you must, no, you need to watch this show.  It will change you life.  Kristen Bell is a woman after my own heart.  She is awesome in the show and the rest of the cast is just as good.  Seasons are currently playing on  Go watch it!

And there are so many more, BUT it's time for the current shows:
  • Project Runway (finale is TONIGHT!)  I love Tim Gunn.  He should be my friend.
  • Dexter - Who knew loving a serial killer could be so much fun?
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Modern Family
  • Greek - Is this show ever going to come back?
  • Top Chef - All Stars season is coming up.  I'm pumped!
And again there are many more and I'm sure as soon as I hit publish I am going to think of a bazillion more, but this is a good start, right?

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