Friday, October 15, 2010

(Middle) Child, Please

If you're not an Ocho Cinco fan then you probably don't get the Child, Please part of this post but that is neither here nor there.  Today is Day Five of the 30 Day Challenge and we're talking about our siblings. 

So yes, I'm the middle child.  Do I suffer from middle child syndrome?  Oh, I've thought about making something witty up, but if I'm honest yes, I would say I have a touch, though nothing too serious :-)

My oldest sibling is my sister.  I can't say that we are extremely close, but I can say that I learned a lot from her.  To be honest we are much closer now and I found comfort in her when I learned of my reproduction challenge because she here is challenged in the same area.  What are the odds?  So while it is something crappy to bond over she has been an enormous help and someone to lean on when things get difficult.  Because honestly?  The only people who can truly understand the struggle is someone who is has been through it too.
Other than that, we have a lot of other things in common, although growing up I would have said we were totally opposite.  Not to mention we look nothing alike!  You be the judge:

We both worry endlessly.  We are anxious.  We want to be mothers.  We both like space heaters (don't ask).  We both like to watch certain TV shows before going to bed (me- Gilmore Girls her Golden Girls).  We both fear getting sick.  Ok, so my description makes a sound a little crazy, but I promise we aren't!  My point is, she is a wonderful sister and much like my parents, I wouldn't be the person I am today without her.

Then there's my brudder.  He's 6 years younger than me and 10 years younger than my sister.  He is the little baby of our family and mother definitely likes to treat him that way!  Then again, even though he will be 21 in February, I still think of him as a little boy.  For example I was just appalled that he drank on my family trip.  He's just a BAY-BEEEEE!!!  But he is definitely growing up and becoming a fine young man (Lord I sound like I'm 50).

My brother and I have always had the classic older sister/younger brother relationship - we like to annoy each other.  I think this is because we lived together much longer than he and my sister did and we were a bit closer in age.  And even though we annoy each other we still have our fun.  We poke fun at each other, we have inside jokes, we do silly voices.  My family likes to make fun of us, but it's our thing.  It's what we do.

Sadly I couldn't find one on my computer with just me and him :-(


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  1. I know exactly what you mean--no one else really understands infertility until they are faced with it. At least you all can lean on each other through it!


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