Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away

And DON'T come again another day.  Please for the love of God, don't come again.

Yeah, I know that's a loooong shot.  If I want that to happen, I should probably pack my bags and move to South Florida. 

It's January and I'm already sick and tired of winter weather.  The "snow" from Friday is all but gone, but another large(r) storm is moving in over the night and during the day tomorrow.  Ok, here's my issue Mother Nature.  If you are going to INSIST on making snow, please just dump it all over night.  Don't dust the ground for the morning (making all Cincinnatians forget how to drive) and then dump it all during the day making the ride home a nightmare.  If it snows during the night, I have a better chance of having the day off, so please Mother Nature, take care of your children and grant this one request.

Quite honestly, I would prefer that this whole thing just pass us by.  I don't mind going to work.  Don't get me wrong, I would like a day off, but I'm not going to pray for snow so that I can have a day off.  Call me crazy, but I'm really enjoying the new job so far. 

In other news, I'm really angry at this dog right here:

Yeah, don't let her cuteness fool you.  She left me a "cute" little present in the room that she stays in while we are gone.  In a way, as her mommy I am partly to blame.  The husband and I left our house around 7 this morning and I just got home at 8:30 this evening.  However, we can't shoulder all the blame as my husband did stop by the house at 5 to let her out before he had to leave again.  She's got to accept some responsibility on her end.  I've been "punishing" her by not petting her and now looking at this picture of her, I can feel my resolve melting.  Darn those puppy dog eyes.

Alright, I'm off.  Please pray that the snow comes tonight rather than tomorrow.  I really don't feel like dealing with the headache. 

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