Friday, January 14, 2011

What I Really Meant to Say

Does anyone else write a blog entry and then keep thinking, I hope no one takes that the wrong way?  Or, I hope they don't think _____________ about me?  Or should I file this way of thinking into the "am I the only one" drawer? 

After I wrote yesterdays post, I couldn't stop thinking:

"I hope that no one take offense to what I said about spending money on expensive makeup products."


"I hope no one thinks that I'm totally cheap and broke because I'm worrying over $18."

Because I really didn't mean either of those two things.  Thus the need to write a second blog entry titled,

What I REALLY meant to say

With regards to the first statement, what I really meant to say, was that I personally have a hard time justifying spending X amount of dollars on a MAC product.  Simply because I look at it as makeup.  I look it as it as a fun item to buy that you put on your face and may or may not use all of.  Plus, I'd hate to spend that much on a product and then hardly use it because I'm not in love.  Now, what I do spend my extra money on, is purses.  I LOVE purses.  I want to buy one right now.  It's on super sale, but I'm trying to hold out for even super-er sale in order to be a little more frugal.  So moral of the story?  I don't like to spend my extra $ on makeup, but I love purses.  I don't judge people who buy lots of makeup because I?  I have a  lot of purses.

With regards to the second statement, what I really meant to say, was that $18 is not a lot of money in the grand ol' scheme of things.  $18 won't buy you a tank of gas and hardly buys a meal for two out to eat.  I know I mentioned in the entry that my new job won't produce a paycheck until the first of February and that means that my last paycheck received was December 31st.  I feel guilty spending money and non-necessary items when I'm not really contributing this month.  I also feel guilty when I've been on a spending binge and bought a few items from Forever 21 and this (which I LOVE btw):

via here
It makes it harder to justify spending that money when I've already spent a few dollars on myself already this month.  I think that part of sharing finances with someone means respecting them and not spending a bajillion dollars on myself.  Know what I mean?  So moral of the story?  I'm trying to be frugal and it's not really working.

So there's my explanation that was probably totally unnecessary, but boy do I feel better getting that off my chest!

(And let's ignore the fact that this entry totally negates the fact that the previous entry was supposed to be in jest and all in good fun!)

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  1. I've now read the 2 posts in reverse order, but even if I hadn't I don't think I'd have thought anything bad. I do like some "higher end" makeup brands but there are also things I like that are from Walmart/Target/drugstore. I know what you mean though about watching the YT videos. It makes me think I need all this 'stuff.' We all have our vices, I say :)


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